Partner Spotlight

Partner Spotlight: TRANSTEX LLC

Leading Edge Semi-Trailer Aerodynamics

May 28, 2024

Partner Background

TRANSTEX is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality aerodynamic solutions for the transportation industry. Their innovative devices focus on enhancing trailer aerodynamics, thereby reducing fuel consumption and improving fleet efficiency.

Fuel Savings and Emission Reductions

The complete TRANSTEX suite of solutions, the EDGE ELITE AERO® SYSTEM (EEAS), has been shown to improve fuel economy by 10.49%. This system includes EDGE SKIRTS® (trailer skirts), EDGE TOPKIT+® (top and side fairings), and EDGE FLAPS® (aerodynamic mud flaps).

With the EEAS, fleets can save $2,877 annually per trailer on fuel, and get a <6-month ROI. With equipment now eligible for Green Freight grant funding up to 50% of the cost per item, the business case for this investment has never been better.

The equipment was also designed and developed with the practical needs of fleets in mind:

  • Lightweight for maximum payload capacity

  • Virtually no maintenance required due to durable, flexible material designed to withstand the toughest conditions

  • Industry-leading 10-year warranty

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Products are EPA SmartWay Verified, CARB Compliant, and CARB GHG Phase 2 Pre-Approved

Accessing Government Grant Funding

TRANSTEX is a long-standing partner of Green Freight Assessments in supporting fleets to achieve greater fleet efficiency. Alongside fleet leadership, we can work together to identify opportunities to invest in aerodynamic solutions that deliver measurable benefits, ensuring we leverage government grant funding to support in financing the purchases wherever possible. 

There is currently $250,000 available per fleet, per year, towards the purchase of TRANSTEX devices, which are eligible for up to 50% of their cost in funding. The program is slated to end in 2027, and funds are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. These grants represent a significant opportunity to offset the initial investment costs for aerodynamic devices, making it more accessible for fleets to implement this advanced suite of aerodynamic solutions.


TRANSTEX is committed to bringing fleets innovative aerodynamic solutions that achieve significant fuel savings and reduce environmental impact. Their aerodynamic devices not only drive operational efficiency, but also align with the ambitions of many fleets and their customers in reducing GHG emissions. With grant funding available to support the purchase of these devices today, it’s a clear choice for fleets of all sizes.

Reach out today at to learn more about TRANSTEX aerodynamic devices and see if they may be a good fit for your fleet.