Stream 2 of the Green Freight Program Closing Soon!

Apply for up to $5M in funding over the next 4 years - deadline is November 16!

1 nov. 2023


As alternative fuel vehicles become an increasingly important part of reducing emissions while improving profitability for fleets, Stream 2 of the Green Freight grant program exists to support fleets financially in making these purchases. Up to $5M is available per fleet, but with applications closing soon, it's imperative that fleets act quickly to make the most of this opportunity.

Stream 2: An Overview

Stream 2 of the Green Freight Program focuses on supporting the adoption of alternative fuel vehicles, helping fleets reduce their environmental impact while improving their long-term sustainability. This stream is an excellent opportunity for businesses looking to invest in cleaner transportation options, as it provides substantial financial incentives.

Key Highlights of Stream 2:

  1. Financial Assistance: Stream 2 offers eligible fleets the opportunity to receive up to $5 million in funding to help offset the costs of transitioning to alternative fuel vehicles. This financial support can significantly reduce the upfront expenses associated with the purchase of cleaner, more efficient vehicles.

  2. Eligibility: To be eligible for Stream 2, your fleet must be engaged in the transportation of goods and have a significant environmental impact. The program is open to various types of fleets, including long-haul trucking companies, delivery services, and logistics providers.

  3. Vehicle Types: Stream 2 encourages the adoption of alternative fuel vehicles, such as natural gas and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Transitioning to these cleaner options not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions but also provides long-term operational cost savings through reduced fuel and maintenance expenses.

  4. Application Deadline: It's crucial to note that the application deadline for Stream 2 is fast approaching. All interested fleets must submit their applications by November 16 to be considered for funding.

How to Apply for Stream 2

The application process for Stream 2 of the Green Freight Program requires an enhanced fleet energy assessment and additional documentation when compared to applications for Stream 1 of the program. To start your application, you can access the Green Freight Program Applicant's Guide on the official Natural Resources Canada website.

Here's the link to the Applicant's Guide: Green Freight Program Applicant's Guide

For any fleets interested in accessing up to $5 million in funding toward alternative fuel vehicles, it's essential to act quickly and complete your application before the November 16 deadline. If you have any questions or need guidance during the application process, you can reach out to Green Freight Assessments at Green Freight Assessments. We are available to provide assistance and ensure that your application are submitted according to program requirements.


Stream 2 of the Green Freight Program offers a unique opportunity for fleets to transition to alternative fuel vehicles, reduce their environmental impact, and receive substantial financial support. With the application deadline on November 16, now is the time to take action. By accessing the Applicant's Guide and contacting Green Freight Assessments for guidance, your fleet can be on the path to a more sustainable and cost-effective future in the transportation industry. Don't miss out on this chance to make a positive impact on the environment and your bottom line.